I do remember that there was some sort of argument some time back, where in the blue corner stood supporters of the calculator, while at the opposite corner were abacus fans. Needless to say, the abacus beat the calculator when it came to extremely complex calculations, and I guess that the result should put all arguments to bed as to which is the faster tool to arrive at a conclusion. When it comes to the built-in calculators in our smartphones these days, we barely give them a second look. Enter the Rechner gesture-based calculator, where it is the first calculator in the world that relies on gestures to replace common operators such as addition, subtraction, and equal signs. All you need to do is swipe your finger across the screen in the appropriate direction, and the calculation with its operators will be performed. It seems that doing so will be able to increase the speed of your calculation by up to 200%. Just check out the video above to get a better idea on what I am talking about, and you might be interested in installing this on your smartphone.

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