Ridge Racer for PS Vita coming this March 13thRidge Racer and launch days of Sony gaming hardware tend to fall on the same day, but I guess that is not quite the same with the recently launched PS Vita. In fact, many fans in the US have been clamoring for some time already, wondering why with all the super fast cars in Ridge Racer, the game itself takes such a long time to make its way to the PS Vita platform? Well, since good things always come to those who wait, it has been confirmed that March 13th will be the official date where Ridge Racer arrives on the PS Vita platform, retailing for $29.99 a pop, and if you prefer to take the digital download route, it will be at slightly cheaper at $24.99 per download.

Not only that, Namco Bandai Games America will throw in a free DLC (downloadable content) pack for whoever picks up Ridge Racer when it is launched. This pack will feature five more free machines, a trio of courses, and additional pieces of pumping background music that might just help you make your way to the finish line – first.

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