I have always said that should you want to have the latest and greatest “big boy’s toys” to play around with, there is no better workforce to join than the military. After all, our men and women in uniform should always come equipped with the latest and greatest devices in order to maintain the security of our sovereign nation, right? The US Navy has recently announced a new robotics research facility that is known as Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research, or LASR for short. The main purpose of LASR? To develop and research in “robotics and autonomous systems of interest to the Navy, the Marine Corps and the Department of Defense.” There will be a fair number of realistic environmental simulation bays that will enable scientists to ensure that they research work are able to withstand the elements in the long run, as it is almost fatal if a piece of technology that is expected to work just fails at the most crucial of moments – those on the battlefield. I do look on and wonder in amazement as to see and read about what future inventions LASR will come up with, perhaps stuff that used to reside in the domain of imagination?

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