Rolls Royce Phantom hearse brings you home in styleNaked you come, naked you go – so amassing riches in your time here on earth while living a miserable, miserly life might not make much sense after all. But if you are a great friend of people regardless of color, religion and creed, being generous with your time, effort and money, you might want to save up enough just to enjoy a grand sending off – in a Rolls-Royce hearse, of course. This highly fashionable 23-foot-long hearse is based on a Rolls-Royce Phantom that comes with a $447,000 price tag. It is the brainchild of Italy’s Biemme Special Cars, where they tune luxury sedans into hearses as part of their specialty. You would expect the stretched interior to be as refined as a standard Rolls-Royce, while it is capable of outrunning most of the other cars in the market thanks to its huge 460 horsepower 6.5-liter V12 engine. No idea on pricing details, but since this is a modified Phantom, we would not be surprised to see a $660,000 price tag hanging over it. I guess if you get around in this gold-covered Rolls-Royce Phantom in life, surely such a hearse when you depart makes sense.

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