Samsung logoA few days ago, we reported that Samsung had apparently filed for several trademarks, namely the Galaxy Emerge, Galaxy Stellar and the Galaxy Halo, but it seems that the Korean company has more trademarks up their sleeves and have recently filed for more, this time in the form of the Galaxy Accelerate, Galaxy Express and the Galaxy Thunder. Unfortunately apart from these filings, little to nothing to known about what Samsung has planned for them, although some have speculated that these might be the names Samsung plans to use for US variants of the Galaxy S3.

The speculation is based on previous trademark filings back in 2011 for the Galaxy Attain, Galaxy Function and Galaxy Within which were also speculated to be the US variants for the Galaxy S2, but then again we guess those the trademarks could be for other phones as well. Interestingly it seems that a trademark request for the Samsung Wallet was also spotted, so could we be looking at a possible competitor to the Google Wallet and ISIS here? In any case we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled, so check back with us later for more information.

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