Galaxy Nexus foodWe know the internet is full of strange and crazy things that cannot be unseen, but this is definitely one of the weirdest things we’ve come across in awhile, and it involves Samsung/Google’s flagship Ice Cream Sandwich phone – the Galaxy Nexus. Some folks recently discovered this photo shoot involving a beautiful girl and a Galaxy Nexus in the kitchen. It starts off innocently enough, with a girl talking on the phone while preparing a meal, who then drops it onto the vegetables she was cutting up. For some strange reason, she decides to cook the phone along with the rest of the ingredients. And it gets weirder from there – though weird would probably be an understatement.

Why anybody would do such a thing with the phone is beyond our comprehension. We’re all for gadgets being used in stress test demonstrations and teardowns – but we weren’t prepared to see a Samsung Galaxy Nexus being tortured in this peculiar fashion. Anyway if you’re keen on seeing the rest of the photo shoot, head here to check out the complete set. And if you somehow make sense of what’s going on, feel free to enlighten us in the comments below.

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