Seiko Astron GPS watchMost of us own watches just to tell the time, apart from it being a fashion accessory, but here is the Seiko Astron GPS watch that will obtain time information regardless of where you are on earth at the moment. Capable of supporting 39 time zones worldwide, this particular timepiece (which is quite a looker too, I might add) will arrive in the market sometime later this September. With the help of an internal GPS chipset, the Seiko Astron is capable of obtaining the current time information no matter which part on earth are you at the moment. It is not going to come cheap though, where it will start from $1,886 (after conversion) upwards, depending on the model.

The Seiko Astron relies on electric waves from more than a trio of GPS satellites in order to obtain latitude, longitude and altitude information. Using that information, it will specify a block among approximately one million blocks that comprise the earth surface, showing off the current time of the time zone. Not only that, the Seiko Astron will come with a photovoltaic (PV) battery that does away with the need to replace batteries. My wrist is starting to itch…

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