ShopInstantShoe system offers custom fitted shoes in an instantIt is said that our feet are not of the same size, where one is larger than the other always. This means that getting a perfect pair of shoes would mean having them custom made for the best fit – resulting in a more expensive price tag in the end. The European ShopInstantShoe consortium wants to introduce more wearer-friendly technology, and hopes to see the ShopInstantShoe system see action in shoe stores so that women are able to get shoes custom-fitted to their feet right there and then. How does the ShopInstantShoe system work? Well, an employee at the shoe store will take down measurements of a customer’s feet using a specialized tool. This information will then be sent to a computer, which processes it and spews the result to a special “Shoptool” machine that will mold the inner segments of a shoe to fit one’s feet perfectly. Needless to say, if this system ends up being hugely popular, it will no doubt see action for men as well.

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