The Android mobile operating system has been touted to be nifty in the sense where it is highly customizable, and here we are with a third party solution known as Siine. It is an Android keyboard that works unlike any other, featuring functions such as “Sexy Delete.” In order to play along to the rather provocative theme when it comes to erasing, Siine delivers a range of tap-driven icons which function as phrase shortcuts, allowing you to even choose from options such as “what’s up” and “miss me”. Heck, if you have the mind to do so, you are also able to program some of your own. The Siine Keyboard is free, and the ability to introduce your very own shortcuts would be valuable for those who are constantly on-the-go and do not want to get bogged down by inefficiency. For those of you who have already given it a go, how do you find Siine? Is it more fun to use than a regular keyboard?

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