Playing Blizzard’s RTS, StarCraft 2StarCraft Master custom game coming soon, requires quite a bit of skill especially when it comes to strategies like utilizing the terrain to your advantage, kiting enemy units and also micromanaging your forces. Unfortunately it’s not a set of skills that many people are good at, but lucky for you guys Blizzard plans to help you out by releasing a custom game called StarCraft Master.

As the name might have implied, the game will be a custom StarCraft II map that will teach players the skills they need in order to “master” the game. The game will include 30 challenge scenarios which are described as “fiendish”, and will challenge the player’s ability to kit units, manage incoming damage, maximizing abilities and controlling a variety of different units in order to obtain a victory.

It sounds like a good idea, so if RTS games have never really been a forte of yours, you might be interested in checking it out. Blizzard is expecting to release the custom map in a few days’ time, so be sure to look out for it in the Featured section of the Custom Game interface.

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