The FCC has yet another toy to play around with, and this time, it would be the HTC One S that is headed towards T-Mobile. Glad it stopped by the FCC though, as otherwise, it would not have been able to be ready for a commercial release. Also known as the HTC PJ40110, it has already picked up the FCC’s approval, and will feature an AWS 3G radio, apart from playing nice with 850/1900 3G bands that are AT&T-friendly. The ID is slightly different from the global HTC One S that stands at PJ40100, so we are quite sure that it will be T-Mobile’s turn to offer the HTC One S next. After all, it is time for T-Mobile to refresh their spring line up of smartphones, and the One S is certainly more than a decent candidate. Will you be ready to pick up the HTC One S when it finally is made available to the masses, or do you prefer the higher end HTC One X if cost is not an issue or concern?

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