19 T Mobile plansIt looks like T-Mobile will be increasing its monthly pricing for its add-on data plans for subsidized devices. According to an internal leaked to the folks over at TmoNews – T-Mobile will be increasing the prices of its Premium 5GB Promotional Bundles and Ultra 10GB Promotional Bundles Classic data features by $5/month. The currently available Classic 5GB and 10GB promotional bundles will be replaced with new plans and a $5 monthly rate increased.

However, folks who signed up for the plans before April 4th won’t be affected by the changes in pricing. There is no mention of why there is a price increase, but we assume this is due to T-Mobile’s stance on subsidized phones (T-Mobile isn’t pleased with the idea of selling subsidizing phones), hence the price increase to drive users to purchasing unsubsidized phones if they want cheaper data plans.

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