Chandeliers always lend that air of opulence and grandeur, and is befitting of fine hotels as well as other classical buildings, but what happens when 21st century design meets with ancient, timeless grace? Troika, a design firm, will tell you – and show you, with their Thixotropes LED chandelier. We do know that LED lighting is always far more power efficient than what standard bulbs offer, not to mention being able to to deliver a visual effect unlike any other. The Thixotropes LED chandelier is extra special since it comprises of eight “mechanized systems” made out of carbon, steel banding and LEDs, where they have been combined into chandeliers that measure slightly less than two meters (approximately 6.5 feet) in diameter.

Troika says, “each of them [is] shaped as a composition of intersecting angular and geometric forms that are made of thin tensed steel banding lined with rows of LEDs. The constructions continuously revolve around their own axis thereby materializing the path of the light and dissolving the spinning structures into compositions of aerial cones, spheres and ribbons of warm and cold light while giving life and shape to an immaterial construct.” The effect of light distribution is nothing short of remarkable, creating a somewhat magical effect.

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