In case you don’t already know, a new multiplayer mode for Uncharted 3 is just around the corner and if you’re curious about finding out more about what you’re in for – read on. Sony has revealed the details about its upcoming multiplayer mode: co-op Shade Survival Mode. In Shade Survival Mode, players team up with their friends to battle waves of fiery Djinns that have the ability to teleport and burst into flames. There are eight rounds with each one getting progressively harder than the next thanks to the Djinns getting upgrades via extra armor and firepower.

The perks of playing in this mode include a sizable amount of cash, and the ability to level up quicker when surviving an onslaught. There are also new medals to earn and different round objectives may come into effect during a match i.e. The Marked Man which makes one Djinn heavily protected by other Djinns during the match.

Shade Survival Mode will be available for $5.99, while folks who are members of the Fortune Hunter’s Club can get this download for free. Shade Survival Mode arrives on the PS Store next week, March 13th.

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