Here is a little surprise for those who are wondering whether the new iPad that runs on Verizon’s network will also be able to surf the Internet on AT&T’s network – and the answer is a resounding yes. An enterprising MacRumors commenter known as “jsnuff1” realized earlier this morning that Verizon’s version of the new iPad is also capable of playing nice on AT&T’s data network without missing a beat. The procedure will thankfully not involve any form of tweaking the software that might run the risk of bricking your new hardware, as all you need to do is swap the microSIM in the tablet as well as update the iPad’s carrier settings. Those who have given jsnuff1’s instructions a go were greeted by the all too familiar “AT&T 4G” words on the new iPad’s display. With this knowledge in hand, do you think Verizon will do something about the situation to prevent such a functionality on the iPad down the road?

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