Verizon Wireless has just announced a spanking new version of their wireless broadband service that was specially designed to see action in rural as well as remote homes which are unable to be on the receiving end of DSL or cable. I guess anything to make sure the rest of the country gets connected is always a good thing, and broadband is a far better option than sending smoke signals to one another, don’t you think so? The service from Verizon Wireless is known as HomeFusion, and it might not only be confined to homes that do not have any form of connectivity, as homes where DSL remains the only fixed-line option might also consider subscribing to HomeFusion as it will be faster compared to the majority of other DSL services. It will cost around $60 monthly for 10GB of data, amounting to 10 hours of HD-quality video over an Internet streaming service such as Netflix. I guess this is meant to target those who want a speedy Internet connection for reading news, checking their stock price and sending emails. Video streaming should be avoided at all costs.

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