So you have rappers dissing each other through lyrics in their respective songs, but as a movie director, what do you do? Sending a silent message through your films is one thing, but since not all of us are born with the mad skills that Quentin Tarantino or Steven Spielberg, the next best thing would be to rely on YouTube. Wait a minute here, you say, YouTube?! Yes sir, YouTube. We are talking about YouTube Slam here, where this ingenious expansion of the world’s most popular video sharing site allows you to put a couple of videos against each other, and points are awarded when you select the crowd favorite. It took a few months to get the momentum going with over a million votes on Slams that YouTube folks created, and they are happy enough with the results to hand over the ‘game controls’ to you. Basically, you are now able to transform any of your playlists into a YouTube Slam. All you need to do is create a playlist by throwing in the videos that you want to see included in the Slam (a minimum of two public videos are required), and click “Play Slam”, where you can then see the highest scoring videos and players on the leaderboard page of your Slam. Interesting stuff.

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