$399 iPad 2 sports new technology withinThe iPad 2 that retailed for $399 with the release of the new iPad is not just an inventory clean out process by Apple, but rather, as the firmware suggests, the iPad 2,4, boasts a new A5 processor within which was constructed using a 32 nanometer process. To put it in plain English, the new A5 processor inside? It is more affordable for Apple to manufacture, which results in it being more battery efficient as well. Basically, owners of the iPad 2,4 will have some Samsung 32nm HKMG silicon goodness underneath the hood.

While theory states that the iPad 2,4 should come with better battery life, has anyone actually reported on this? Perhaps, considering how a smaller nanometer manufacturing process will more or less increase battery life, and hopefully someone will come up with a benchmark test against the iPad 2,1 to find out once and for all.

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