Getting on the cloud is the mantra for many companies these days, and Dropbox does seem pretty concerned (and rightfully so) about ensuring that they have a future in the world of cloud storage even with Google Drive breathing down their necks. In order to help them grow their market share, Dropbox has doubled the carrot on the stick – by offering 500MB more storage space for each referral from today onwards. Of course, the “magic” runs out when the cap of 16GB of storage space is awarded to you, which equals to 32 friends you have helped jump aboard the Dropbox bandwagon. It will take a couple of days thereabouts for you to see your Dropbox account reflect the awarded storage space. After reading this, how many people made it to your shortlist of whom you want to contact with regard to this? I can see you counting all the movies that you want to place on the extra storage already.

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