Handheld gaming consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita dominate the scene quite a bit these days, and walking around seeing kids and adults with a 3DS or Vita in their hands is a common sight. However back in the day seeing kids walk around with handheld gaming consoles with each being built for a specific game was a common sight to behold. Some of you gaming veterans know what I’m talking about, the consoles that featured a set background and where the characters/objects were depicted in black and had limited mobility or actions. Well for those who have no idea what I’m on about, the image above pretty much sums it up.

It was actually drawn up by Swedish artist Giorgio Cantù who imagined what it might be like if Nintendo had come up with the Angry Birds game first back in the 1980s on a Game & Watch device. It looks incredibly retro and pretty awesome although we’re not sure what the gameplay might have been like on devices like that. What do you guys think? Would you have bought this back in the day if it existed, and do you think it might have had the same appeal it has today? Head on over to Giorgio’s website for additional images.

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