In the kid’s section of an Apple Store, it used to be a low-wooden table, orb-like chairs and the shiny iMacs filled with entertain for the little ones instead of having them rushing around the store and possibly wreaking havoc. Now Apple has implemented a slight change by replacing the iMacs at the tables with app-centric iPads. Allegedly, the company believes that small children instinctively get the concept of touch-based navigation and go to town with it. If that is in fact true, it comes as no surprise that Apple would make the switch from the point-and-click mouse interface to what is now the more intuitive way of navigation. The folks over at iMore managed to grab a picture of what the “Enfants” table now looks like.

If you think about it, this would lead to kids nagging their parents for one of those thingamajigs for an upcoming birthday or for the holidays so it seems to work out just fine for Apple from that aspect. This development comes after rumors of an iPad-driven Genius Bar that have been floating about the internet and also how Apple has gotten rid of traditional signage in some retail outlets and replaced them with the iPads. As for the tablet actually replacing a PC, that is a very debatable topic but one that we can’t be avoiding forever. What do you think about kids having access to an iPad as opposed to an iMac? Does it make sense to you? Let us know with a comment below.

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