Apples Siri faced with another lawsuit over false advertisingSome of you guys might recall that a while back, an iPhone 4S owner by the name of Frank Fazio launched a lawsuit against Apple claiming that Siri does not perform the way i does according to its ads. Well it looks like he will be joined by another iPhone 4S owner by the name of David Jones who alleges that the advertising Apple employs for the Siri does not match the service’s actual functionality. He also goes on to claim that Siri often misunderstood his requests or delivered the wrong answer.

Siri is one of the main features of the iPhone 4S that Apple is using to push sales of the device. While it certainly has the potential to achieve what Apple is advertising, Siri is currently in beta and that alone could be used by Apple as part of their defense if they were ever to be brought to court regarding lawsuits like these. What do you guys think? Do these iPhone 4S owners have a case against Apple despite the “beta” disclaimer?

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