How can you turn the interior of a building into a musical instrument? Well, Prague-based projection mapping collective Macula have done exactly that, by transforming a Baroque church into a virtual music instrument which will allow the musically inclined to play pieces of their liking simply by using laser pointers. The surface of the interior of the Olomouc Baroque chapel that is located in the Czech Republic has been mapped in 3D beforehand, where selected parts of the architecture will end up as triggers for different sounds and visual effects. The piece itself, known as Archifon I, will enable up to 10 visitors to interact with the mapped surface of the ancient church building simultaneously. Apart from triggering sounds, projected animations are not exempt, where it can range from lighting up a certain statue or even cast the illusion of causing a rainy thunderstorm. It would be best if you were to watch the video and see for yourself, and the entire effort is extremely impressive to say the least.

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