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AT&T Employees Still Recommend iPhone over Lumia 900

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In a ‘Sting’ operation, the folks over at CNet went to five AT&T stores in Manhattan to see if the employees of the store were promoting the Nokia Lumia 900 as what was previously announced by the carrier. And the weird thing was that they kept being pointed toward the iPhone which is also $99 or one of the Android phones in the same price range. After spending a reported $150 million on advertising and in-store marketing and promotions, this seems a little strange. Mind you, it might not be true of the other 1,995 AT&T stores around the US but still it might be a cause of concern to some parties particularly Nokia or AT&T.

Admittedly it would be hard to pry hardcore iOS or Android users away from their OS but if repositioning is an option, Nokia and AT&T should be aiming for first time smartphone users who would love the beautiful screen and hardware at a price so affordable. Without AT&T store employees, some of which were reported having the phone for free from the carrier, pushing or recommending the Lumia 900 to customers, it is unlikely that the Windows Phone device will outsell the likes of the iPhone 4, free iPhone 3GS or the inexpensive Android phones available.

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