AViiQ Ready Clips carves open a tangle free data transfer experienceI don’t know about you, but somehow, cables tend to have their own life whenever you are not watching, conspiring to twitch and turn themselves into a tight knot which would put the Gordian knot to shame, letting you waste precious time untangling them whenever you want to perform spring cleaning behind your HDTV or computer. With the AViiQ Ready Clips, you can kiss goodbye to tangled knots – as this super portable, stylish yet bendable clips will never result in a tangled mess. Each Ready Clip measures 5.5″ in length, 0.25″ thin and tips the scales at under 0.5 pounds, making them a snap to tote around. Not only that, they are fully bendable, and with a specially designed clip, it will be able to peg onto any pocket, strap or notebook without missing a beat.

Each AViiQ Ready Clip will be accompanied by a 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, and you can opt for an individual Ready Clip if one is all you need, or you can also pick it up in sets, with prices starting from $12.99 upwards, depending on your choice. [Press Release]

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