With Baldur’s Gate seeing a revival by the folks at Beamdog, given the game’s history and popularity at that time, safe to say a lot of interest has been shown for it. So apart from Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition making its way onto the PC, Mac and iPads, where else could we be seeing the game? Consoles like the Xbox 360, PS3 or the upcoming Wii U perhaps? Given the Wii U’s touchscreen interface, we can see why the platform could be considered as a potential platform for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to launch on as well.

Unfortunately that will not be the case as far as the Wii U is concerned. Beamdog’s Trent Oster has taken to Twitter and responded to a fan and basically stated, “We don’t do Nintendo development. Our previous experience with Nintendo was enough to ensure there will not be another.” He also went on to reveal that Nintendo’s requirements and limitations, such as 6,000 units have to be sold before payment and a 40MB limit made it difficult for him to work with.

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