If you’re too lazy to walk but you’d still like to hit the beach in style, then this Beachcombing Electric Tricycle may very well be the answer to your problems. Alright so maybe it won’t exactly win you any style points but its functionality is certainly there. The tricycle is fitted with a 20 MPH 350-watt motor that will feature a battery (36-volt lithium) big enough to last you a good 30 miles as long as you weigh less than 250 pounds. It will even come with onboard storage so you can place your groceries if you’re too lazy or are unable to haul several bags of groceries back home. So how much will this Beachcombing Electric Tricycle cost you? Unfortunately the price of comfort and convenience does not come cheap and online retailer Hammacher Schlemmer is asking for a cool $3,000 for it. Interested? Head on down to their website for the details.

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