Microsoft has released what seems very close to be a beta version of Bing Desktop. Just what is Bing Desktop, you ask? Well, this is actually a combination search toolbar and desktop manager that is meant for the Windows 7 operating system, and the folks over at the Verge who gave it a go discovered that this tool will carry two main features – first, a bar which allows you to make a search query over at Bing, with the option to set your desktop background to the daily Bing homepage, and when you have it function as a standalone application, there is not much foundation to work with. After all, Windows desktop backgrounds can already be switched automatically, and to have a dedicated search bar is a snap for more seasoned users, as it more or less requires a simple Alt-Tab movement into an open browser. If one were to see Bing Desktop as a Windows 8 feature, then it would make far more sense, but then again, Bing Desktop Beta did not manage to install on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, never mind that compatibility mode has been selected.

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