The next time you are chasing after skirts and they tell you that they are not happy with just a Ferrari and a swanky penthouse right smack in the middle of the city, commanding a fantastic view, but also want the moon and the stars, then it is time you consider taking up photography as a hobby – and starting off with the Canon 60Da is always a good idea. Canon’s latest shooter comes with a modified infrared filter that was specially designed to bring out the red colors of nebulae as well as different photographic subjects whenever you point it into the far flung reaches of outer space. This is a return to form for Canon into a segment that they have left alone for 7 years – the area of astrophotography.

I guess this release by Canon has certainly changed the rhythm of how Canon introduces new models to the market, and for those who are none too observant, the 60Da will be an extremely close cousin to the Canon EOS 60D, which is a higher-end 18-megapixel model that targets photography enthusiasts. The 60Da’s main difference with its down-to-earth (so to speak) cousin would be the aforementioned infrared filter that was modified for it to capture “hydrogen-alpha” light, a deep-red 656.28-nanometer wavelength of light that are produced by excited hydrogen atoms. It ain’t too expensive either at just $1,500 a pop, allowing the 60Da to shoot far better images of energetic nebulae. Expect to see the Canon EOS 60Da arrive in the market later this month.

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