Remember a few days ago we reported that some Canon 5D Mk III’s were facing some LCD light leak issues? Canon has since acknowledged the issue but has yet to come up with a solution. In the mean time according to reports, it seems that Canon has apparently halted the shipments of the 5D Mk III cameras to both the US and Canada. The shipments have apparently been halted as the company is looking into the problem. No word on whether the halt has applied to other countries yet.

For those unfamiliar, the issue stemmed from a light leak in the LCD panel of the 5D Mk III. The leak was apparently bright enough that it affected the camera’s exposure meter, causing the camera to expose photos incorrectly. Safe to say that this is a pretty big deal especially for photographers who might have to shoot constantly in low-light or extremely dark settings. If the Canon 5D Mk III is a camera that’s on your shopping list, we suggest that you should probably hold off on purchasing it for now until the issue has been resolved.

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