Just because one rides a bicycle does not mean he or she is not allowed to have the privilege of using a hands-free kit with their smartphone. The Cardo BK-1 is one such device, where it is touted to be the world’s first Bluetooth communication and entertainment system which was specially developed for cyclists. It can be installed in just about any bicycle helmet within minutes, and the Cardo BK-1 will be able to offer voice-activated, two-way or three-way bike-to-bike communication capabilities. When you and your cycling mates want to communicate with one another across a distance (of no more than 1,600 feet), there is no need to shout and waste more energy – all you need to do is just speak into the BK-1 and the message gets sent across crystal clear.

Not only that, you can always use the Cardo BK-1 to listen to your favorite MP3 tunes over a compatible portable media player, or to receive instructions from a GPS navigation device, all of it hands-free. The Cardo BK-1 retails for 229.95 Euros inclusive of taxes – not the cheapest cycling accessory in the world, but it might help save your life as both of your hands will be on the handlebars at all times. [Press Release]

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