While most people out there recognize how dangerous it is to be distracted while driving, there are a bunch of drivers who tend to believe that they are better drivers than they really are and therefore continue to use their cellphones while driving. They can be seen on the roads holding a cellphone, trying to keep an eye on the road ahead and glancing more often than they should, at their speedy fingers working the keypad without even using a headset. All this has been continuing despite the various laws that have been implemented to crack down on distraction while driving.

Smartphone and mp3 accessory manufacturer Scosche, unveiled a new gadget which would help with your “addiction” if you are one of the many who cannot help but use your mobile while driving. The device which is called CellControl works with a dongle and an application. In order to utilize the system, the dongle has to be plugged in directly to the OBD-II port under the dashboard of any car that was made in or after the year 1996.

The dongle works to detect if the car is in motion or not. It will communicate with the application on board your mobile device to shut down the use of your cellphone but will allow calls if it detects the presence of a hands-free headset. While the manufacturers do mean well with the device and it might be good if you have a teenager whizzing about town at top speed with his thumbs going clickety-clickety on his keypad, with a price tag of $129.95, it might be better to practice some self-restraint. Do you find it hard to not use your phone while driving?

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