If you have been following YouTube videos, you’ve no doubt been exposed to the infamous “Charlie bit my finger” video. The original video was uploaded back in 2007 and has since reached 438 million views and if you’re wondering if there is any money to be made from creating viral YouTube videos, well you might be surprised to learn that this particular video has managed to rake in about $500,000 from YouTube ads and television spots alone! Speaking out in an interview with ABC Nightline, the father of the boys stated that the video was originally meant for the boys’ godfather and had at one point considered taking the video down. The video has since spawned many parodies, songs, and remixes on YouTube, and for those who have taken a shining to the boys and want to see how they’re getting along 5 years after the video was made, a website and Twitter account has been setup detailing their lives. In the meantime, if you have yet to see what all the fuss is about or if you’d like to relive the experience, check out the video above.

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