Japan is the country with the most vending machines per capita, and here we are with Coca-Cola’s “Interactive Happiness Machine” that has arrived in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. It is not exactly the newest idea on the block, as back in 2010, Coca-Cola might have been the one to deliver what could very well be the most amazing viral marketing stunt to date, where they “rigged” a vending machine in the common room of St. John’s University in New York, literally handing out stuff such as flowers, pizza and even a six-foot sub to students instead of having students retrieve a Coke as they desired. Japan has since been waiting for their turn with the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine, and the long wait is over. The first of potentially many of such machines has been installed at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport International Terminal 1. At the front of this machine lies a 47-inch touchscreen panel which shows off a good looking model asking passers-by to come closer in order to quench their thirst.

When you fall into the “trap”, the display will switch to the product screen automatically, where you can then spend some time going through the details of a product or take your pick by touching or swiping the display. Definitely nowhere near the machine at St. John’s University, but at least it is a start in being more interactive.

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