Denver Broncos to replace 500 page playbook with iPads insteadAs technology progresses, it’s only natural that some of it starts finding its way into everyday aspects of our lives. In this case it would be sports. According to the Denver Post, it looks like the Denver Broncos will be equipping its entire team, staff and coaches with an iPad each which will be used as a digital playbook for the 2012 season. Contents on the iPad will also include plays, videos clips, scouting reports and more. This move has placed the Denver Broncos among the NFL teams that have made the switch over to the iPad. They will be joining other teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Baltimore Ravens who have ditched physical playbooks in favor of digital ones on tablets.

Considering that these playbooks are pretty hefty at 500 pages and are printed on a weekly basis, not only will this move help to save paper, but will also cut back on unnecessary bulk and wastage of 500-page playbooks. Players will be provided with Verizon’s LTE version of the third-gen iPad with 64GB of storage capacity. Other industries have also saw the usefulness of digital books, such as American Airlines where the bulky and heavy flight bags have since been replaced with iPads as well.

[Image credit - Denver Post]

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