Diablo 3, the hottest game from Blizzard to be released since Starcraft II, has just seen its TV spot released, and is more or less guaranteed to be a gaming blockbuster by any and all means. After all, the recent Diablo 3 Beta weekend saw over 300,000 players go into “hell” and have an experience that will definitely leave them wanting for more. The Lord of Terror’s demonic crusade is the bee’s knees, Black Worldstone and all that to add to the Diablo drama that does not seem to end. Do you think that Diablo 3 will bring a conclusion to the world of Diablo, or is there room for a fourth instalment? I am quite sure that Blizzard is capable of coming up with a dungeon hack and slash from a different perspective. May 15th is just slightly more than a couple of weeks away – be prepared to part with your money, learn to live without sleep, and for some of you, to even take some days off so that you can complete the game before your peers.

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