“Sweet dreams are made of these…”, or so the opening line from a song goes. Well, when we sleep, we are most rested when there are no dreams that happen, but sometimes, we tend to dream a whole lot, ending up with a far more tired brain than when you went to sleep with. To add insult to injury, those were not sweat dreams, but beautiful nightmares instead. Perhaps there is some way to achieve a more pleasant dreaming experience? That is what the Dream:ON app intends to do, where it was developed by British psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman and mobile services firm Yuza. Dream:ON wants to deliver sweet dreams to sleepers through the act of influencing people’s thoughts and imagery while they’re dreaming.

This is a free app, and it will play a ‘soundscape’ which was specially designed and programmed to influence the nature of your dream. Just choose the type of dream you want before you go to bed, as well as the alarm to wake up, and you’re good to go. I am quite sure it will not be 100% effective for everyone, but those who are chasing after the lucid dreaming bug, you can always check out the Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask.

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