Dyson the company behind many innovatively designed vacuum cleaners has gotten 650 engineers from Dyson UK and decided to have some fun. As you probably know, the components used in are nothing cheap and basic plus the creative ones that work in Dyson are very serious about their jobs. So when it came to having fun, their version of it was to have a showcase of mini DIY drag racers built only from spare vacuum parts.

Throughout the video, nearly all the entrants showcased their small little racers, but you’ll notice one of them which was large and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a man and reached a pretty decent speed. While this does point to future projects for the company, it was allegedly all in good fun and was obviously taken seriously. So done are the days of soap box cars as a cheap replacement for go-karts and now comes in the era for little karts made from what your mum bought to clean the carpets.

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