The piggybank is definitely something that most kids are able to identify with – after all, most parents would have taught their little ones to start saving up for a rainy day from a young age, which is always a good thing. Becky has certainly held this concept close to her heart, which is why she decided to work on an electronic piggybank which not only has a great love for coins, it is even “smart” enough (I use the term “smart” here loosely) to keep track on how much you have “fed” it. Not only that, to make sure this DIY electronic piggybank is all the more attractive to kids as well as folks who carry some spare change at the end of the day, it will feature a built-in LED that will glow whenever you hand it some moolah to “swallow”, accompanied by a squeal, of course. You can say that this is one piece of digital bacon that can feed you with actual food in times of need, as you remove money from it to buy a sub from your favorite store down the street.

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