Facebook, the social networking site that has recently become the victim of a love-hate relationship by many when it purchased Instagram, is known for constantly tweaking event invitations on its site. The latest adjustment involves a hybrid wall that reinstates some of the ‘comment’ privileges that were scrapped during its last tweak.

The feature appears beneath the invitation and shows every alteration made to the event along with RSVP actions whether or not the invited are attending or otherwise. The latest change made my Facebook also puts a window for a status update type interface above the area that separates the invitation and combined wall and news feed.

Since the hybrid wall will list out not only all actions but also all wall posts for the event, it is likely to be full and always being updated (unless no one wants to go for that particular event). Before this, all that information would be privileged only to the host but now all the people involved will be able to access the information. If you have noticed some other Facebook design tweaks, feel free to highlight them to us with a comment below.

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