It was just yesterday we reported that a Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly remake for the Nintendo Wii would be arriving come June. Well it seems that promotions for the game has kicked off with Nintendo officially launching the game’s website along with a trailer, an interview and additional details. For starters it seems that the game will be launched in Japan first come 28th of June with a release for Europe set later for the year under the title Project Zero 2: Wii Edition. No word yet on a US release.

The game is also expected to feature a series of different endings although its producer, Keisuke Kikuchi stated that they will not be simple happy endings. Then again, Fatal Frame’s endings have never really been known to be happy to begin with, so no surprises there. As the game will be played from a third person’s perspective in the Wii version, the game has also been updated and has had its maps revised to make it a scary experience for Wii gamers. The game will be seeing additional details such as the camera’s shoulder straps bouncing while the characters run.

As for the Haunted House mode, it basically involves the player exploring a haunted house. Players will have to hold down a button to walk and releasing it will cause them to stop. Moving the remote will allow the player to look around, and just like Ju-on: The Grude, friends can scare players by using the second Wii to make ghosts appear or to cause the 1P remote to shake. In the mean time, the trailer for the upcoming game can be viewed above, or head on down to its website for the details or for the interview with the game’s producers.

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