Mans finger ends up useless after too much gamingToo much of a good thing is bad for you, and so the same applies to playing games on a touchscreen device. We have received word that a Taiwanese man actually “lost” the use of his index finger after spending up to six hours a day playing games on his touchscreen smartphone. Now, we do know know just what kind of game did he indulge in, but I am quite sure something not that taxing like Angry Birds will not result in such a condition, and perhaps furious tapping is what caused his finger to stiffen up. Apparently, the joints in his index finger had weakened to such an extent that it stiffened, causing him to feel an excruciating amount of pain each time he tried to bend the finger. After spending five months of physiotherapy, his condition failed to improve, and right now, he faces difficulty in performing even the most simplest of tasks such as holding light objects and carrying out everyday chores. Needless to say, this Taiwanese brother has vowed not to touch a single game on his touchscreen smartphone ever again. After reading this, are you looking at your finger and inspecting it thoroughly?

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