Ever heard of Project Nina before? No, it is not some sort of Resident Evil spinoff, but rather, it has everything to do with Fisker Automotive’s Atlantic plug-in electric sedan that certainly looks like it is going to set the automotive world alight with its design (and performance, of course). Images of the Fisker Atlantic has already started to surface online one day prior to the official unveiling of the ride in New York. This might be a four-door sedan, but do not expect it to rumble along like a tame pussy cat, but rather roar like a lion considering how it shares a similar powertrain as the Fisker Karma. While it can be driven fully by the electric motor, the gas engine will do its part to maintain sufficient charge on longer rides. The Fisker Atlantic is said to be a luxury car, but will definitely be far more affordable compared to the $100,000 Karma. So far, word on the street places the Fisker Atlantic within the range of $40,000 after a $7,500 federal tax credit is applied. Are you on the lookout for a hybrid car as your next ride?

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