Ford has seemingly dropped their retro look with the new Mustang, and has every intention of delivering a future forward design with the latest Ford Mustang. It will be the sixth generation Mustang that will hopefully ditch its old styling cues, although it will take approximately a couple more years before the car debuts. According to The Wall Street Journal, the sixth generation Mustang will most probably resemble that of the Evos concept which made an appearance at last year’s Frankfurt show. The whole idea of a more streamlined design is to attract younger buyers (who can afford it, of course) to the Mustang brand, as the nostalgic group of folks who love everything about the original 1964 Mustang is slowly but surely in decline.

New blood, then, is what it takes to bring love for the Mustang to whole new levels, but competition from Japanese and Korean firms over the years have certainly dented confidence in American cars for sure. It is nice to see such healthy competition spring up in the era of globalization, and since good design is universal (take a look at the iPhone), one should not write off Ford just yet.

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