The car is no longer just a mode of transportation, helping you get from point A to point B in the least physically exhausting manner possible (back in the days when horse riding, walking and cycling were the main modes of transport, of course). Over the years, vehicles have gotten more and more luxurious, and now even when you have departed from this world, you can be transported about like a boss. Looking out through the window and at the world is no longer the entertainment avenue of choice for most passengers, as they have their smartphones, tablets, and in-car entertainment system to keep them happy. Garmin and Suzuki will be offering something similar with their collaboration, delivering an infotainment system for vehicles that will come with a high resolution 6.1″ touchscreen display, a CD player (for the 1980s babies), and an AM/FM radio just in case you run out of stuff to listen to and want to take the chance with a random DJ.

Other features include internal flash memory, USB, AUX jack and Bluetooth connectivity. This will be a voice control-enabled system for easier manipulation, where it will also be accompanied by backup camera support, Pandora integration and an SD memory card slot which will come in handy when loading updates. Expect this tie in to appear in American 2013 model year Suzuki vehicles, coupled with select cars sold in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Russia.

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