Google Art Project expands to include 151 museums online in 40 countriesIn the midst of writing this story, I just realized that Google has a penchant for the arts, doing their bit to make sure conservation efforts concerning humanity’s history is digitized in some form or another. Take Google Books for example, and also the Google Art Project that will allow anyone with a decent Internet connection to explore the visually creative world. Basically, the Google Art Project has just been expanded to include sculpture, street art and photographs from 151 museums across the span of 40 countries. That ought to go some way in opening up the eyes and minds of those who do not have enough money to travel, and yet are able to somewhat visually experience the historical places of the world.

Originally, the Google Art Project had 17 museums in nine countries and 1,000 images including the majority of paintings from Western masters under their wing, but today, it has expanded to over 30,000 high-resolution artworks, alongside Street View images for 46 museums – with more in the pipeline. Do spend your time appreciating the ancient works of the masters in the comfort of your home with a hot chocolate in hand.

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