Prototype Google Glasses Spotted on Sergey Brin

Yesterday, Sergey Brin no less was photographed at a charity event in San Francisco with Tech evangelist Robert Scoble while he was wearing a pair of Google’s Augmented Reality prototype specs called Google Glasses. Scoble tweeted, “The Google Glasses are real! Here is a set on @sergeybrinn cofounder of Googl@Palace Hotel, San Francisco.” Including the picture above, he also added that the glasses looked very light and not much different from a regular set of glasses. In another tweet, Scoble said, “Sergey wouldn’t let me wear the Google Glasses but I could see they were flashing info to him. I so want one of these!”

After acknowledging that Google was indeed working on the eyeglasses that could stream data to the wearer’s eyes in real time, the search giant posted a video on YouTube showing someone wearing the glasses as he made his way around a variety of Manhattan venues while receiving updates by the minute through the glasses. It seems that Google have thought of no one else to help publicize the pair of augmented reality glasses that they are trying to complete. It seems smart to get people excited about it by putting it on someone as prominent as Sergey Brin, not to mention a lot cheaper.

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