With the advent of TVs, we are able to see something that is thousands of miles away, not to mention exciting sports broadcasts in real time as well as entertaining ourselves with recorded shows after a hard day at the office. For those who love traveling and yet do not have the time and money to do so, escaping into a travel program is the next best thing. It might be very different from what you will experience in person, but at least it is better than nothing. Google ups the ante with Google Maps’ ability to offer 3D Photo Tours of a particular site from today onwards.

These photo tours are available for over 15,000 popular sites around the world, ranging from famous landmarks such as St. Mark’s Basilica in Italy to scenic treasures like Half Dome in Yosemite. You can find out whether a particular site has a photo tour in two ways. Firstly, whenever you look for a place, the results in the left panel will indicate will let you know if a photo tour is possible, where you can either click on the thumbnail image or the link to start the tour. Otherwise, just browse the map and click on the label for a particular landmark, where the info window will let you know whether you can embark on a photo tour then.

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