Google+ Revamped with a New Share Button

The Google frenzy is at its highest. In case you haven’t noticed it, Google has just redesigned the Share button on your Google+ account. You will observe a red and white icon attached to your favorite blogs and articles across the web. If you want to share a particular post for example, you will be given the option to either share the post to Google Plus, or to your friends, followers and specific people.

But the icing of the cake is in the colors. Each time you share a post, the colors of the Google+ icon will change from red-on-white to white-on-red. You will know it once you have shared a post because the button will turn red, as if it’s ashamed and shy that you took the time to click the button.
Prior to Sharing:
Google+ Revamped with a New Share Button
After Sharing:
Google+ Revamped with a New Share Button

The new share button is the latest addition to the new+1 button that was recently launched a month ago. The new Google+ Share button is currently available to all publishers around the world. You can start by adding the feature to your own website. Site owners will be glad to know that they will receive the update automatically. You can get the code from Google Developers.

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