We humans are seemingly adept at changing the way we think or work in order to “go along with the flow”, so to speak, and in the case of the App Store for iOS, an alternative marketplace came into existence as jailbreakers looked for a different method to download and install the apps that offered them more control over their iOS-powered devices than Apple made provision for, resulting in the birth of Cydia. The brainchild of Jay ‘saurik‘ Freeman, the Cydia app store lets owners of jailbroken devices to install various apps which are capable of bypassing iOS’ built-in restrictions without missing a beat. What happens when you attempt to translate that to the desktop environment? This is where the HackStore comes in, which its developer, Andrey Fedotov, hopes to see it be on par with Cydia in terms of popularity.

Clearly, Cydia and the App Store are the main inspirations behind the HackStore, which is set to debut sometime in May. The whole idea of HackStore would be to make it easier for folks to discover new apps that they never thought they needed (or wanted), until they actually install it. I guess it is also going to be a viable platform for developers to get their apps out which previously did not pass Apple’s stringent tests. Andrey says, “I want it to be like Cydia, a free-for-all. The HackStore is all about freedom, apps and simplicity.”

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